Why Do You Want Your Business on Facebook or Twitter Anyway?

by Alan Underkofler on August 30, 2010

Did you see a twitter or Facebook logo at the bottom of the screen while watching CNN?  Did you see a recent commercial or advertisement with just the Facebook business page listed for your favorite brand?   No website…  just the Facebook website.

are you on facebook twitterEverybody else is doing it, right?  All types of companies are turning to Social Media.  Large fortune 100 companies, big local companies, all the way down to your favorite coffee shop down the street.  Is everyone just jumping on the band wagon or is this social media stuff really working?

Is it because you do not want to be left behind?  The companies that are building their social media presence now, creating great content online, and attracting an online following, are the ones that will continue to grow at a rapid pace.  Those companies starting now will be far ahead of anyone jumping into the social media pool a year from now.

Maybe there are other reasons?  Maybe its because you see your competitors using social media.  Maybe you are interested in social media because it is all the rage…  Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and blogging are the current buzz words and you want to be a part of that buzz.

The reason why you see big brands using Facebook instead of their website is they want to create a presence where their customers are spending their time.   Everyone is doing it because social media works.  The companies with a strategy are attracting new business using social media as you are reading this.

The reasons why your business should get started with social media are endless.  The most important thing is to get started and figure out how social media can work for you and your business.  Take the time to listen to what is being said on Facebook and Twitter about your business, brand, or industry.  Research the web and read blogs that mention your business name.  Find out what your customers are saying about you and your brand online.  Use Facebook, Twitter, and blogs learn before you jump in!  And most importantly… get started now!

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Leah Samson 08.30.10 at 4:04 pm

Advertising on Facebook is fun. You get to connect with friends and family, a following with trust already built in. Social media is here to stay.

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