Using Your Personal Facebook Profile to Create New Business

by Alan Underkofler on July 21, 2010

Yes I did say using Facebook for business!  Many times when I am speaking in front of a group about Social Media for business or providing Social Media consulting services to one of our clients and Facebook comes up I often get a blank stare.  It seems many business owners do not understand how they can receive referrals, new customers, and new business from facebook.

Facebook is the #1 website online.  More people are on Facebook then any other website, it’s where people are spending time.  As a business owner you want to position yourself and your business where people spend their time.  This makes Facebook a very important tool which could generate a huge amount of referrals for you and your business.

Take a look at this week’s Social Media Minute focusing on using your personal Facebook profile to generate new referrals, customers, and business.

In case you missed the update examples I used in the video here they are with a few more examples:

Talking about business on your Facebook profile:

  • Updating with this video
  • Updating with your current business blog post
  • Updating with industry news, something you think your network would enjoy while educating them about what you do or what you are about

Talking about personal events on your Facebook profile:

  • Hiking on the beach
  • New family additions
  • Your favorite social or charitable cause
  • A simple picture of a beautiful sunset

I hope you enjoyed the Social Media Minute and I look forward to your thoughts and comments.  Please subscribe to the Square Martini Media YouTube channel and if you have a question you would like covered on the Social Media Minute please let us know by giving us your Social Media Minute Question.

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