Using Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin to Follow Up After Speaking

by Alan Underkofler on July 7, 2010

There are endless ways and ideas for almost every business to use Social Media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and blogging.  In fact almost every day we are asked how to use Social Media in business.  To start answering this question Square Martini Media has started a new series called the “Social Media Minute”.  Each week you will find a new blog post and YouTube video with an idea or way you can use Social Media in your business.    We will cover questions we are often asked about Social Media, ideas we share with our clients, and explore Social Media uses for all types of industries.

Some of you may be thinking why video and why put them on YouTube?  This could be a post in its self but to keep it simple video is HOT, it’s something we recommend to many of our Social Media clients, and if you  looked at YouTube as a search engine it would be ranked number 2 above  Yahoo!.   So what you really should be thinking is how can you implement a video and YouTube strategy in your business?

To kick of the Social Media Minute please watch the following video as we explore using Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin to follow up after speaking.  In the video I discuss using Social Media to continue the conversation, establish stronger relationships, and move prospects in an audience to customers and referral sources.

I hope you enjoyed the Social Media Minute and I look forward to your thoughts and comments.  Please subscribe to the Square Martini Media YouTube channel and if you have a question you would like covered on the Social Media Minute please let us know by giving us your Social Media Minute Question.

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