Twitter For Business Case Study: Naked Pizza

by Alan Underkofler on September 9, 2009

twitterOne of the many questions we hear at Square Martini Media during our initial Social Media strategy discussions is “does Social Media really work to increase business?”.  With this question in mind we will now start posting Social Media case studies and success stories more often on Square Martini Media.  You can see a few of our past stories by reviewing the Twitter Talk Radio posts.

Our first case study involves using twitter to attract new customers, engage current customers, and increase sales.

Naked Pizza Background
naked pizza logoNaked Pizza a New Orleans pizza takeout and delivery restaurant with a mission to make an unhealthy and popular fast food healthier, more nutritious, and better tasting!

How it Started
So how does one restaurant leverage twitter to make a substantial difference?  Let’s start from the beginning…  Naked Pizza was founded in late 2006.  In March of 2009 Mark Cuban, tech billionaire, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and early investor in the company, advised Jeff Leach one of the co-founders of Naked Pizza to sign up for a twitter account.  Jeff’s idea was to create a local tribe or community around healthy eating while saving money on marketing costs with the goal of increasing sales.  In the pizza industry one of the main ways to market is through direct mail which can be very expensive with poor results.  Another option is through opt-in newsletters.  Buying a list of names is costly and the open rates are beginning to look like direct mail.  (well maybe not that bad but, but low enough to not be considered a success)

The Success Story
So what is the ROI for Naked Pizza using twitter?  Well the company’s first twitter only promotion on April 23 resulted in 15% of total sales, with 90% of those being NEW CUSTOMERS!  On May 29 twitter set a store sales record with the bulk of the traffic coming directly from twitter.  How much?  68.60% of the total sales came from customers who stated “I’m calling from twitter”!

The twitter Impact Continues

  • naked-pizza-twiiter-sign-billboardTwitter has made such a difference for Naked Pizza that they removed the “call for delivery” billboard in front of the restaurant and changed it to “twitter – follow us for specials –
  • Naked Pizza also added a kiosk in the store inviting customers to sign up for a twitter account and follow them on twitter.
  • Tracking twitter is so important to Naked Pizza that they have added a button in the point of sale system to make it easy for employees to track.

With these results it’s pretty easy to say: YES, Social Media and twitter can make a difference for your business!

Do you have a Social Media success story you would like featured on Square Martini Media?  Please use the contact us form and tell us all about it!

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Todd Bonner 09.10.09 at 5:24 pm

I love this kind of stuff! I am just now starting to really believe in the power of social media to make HUGE impact in business, and I am doing all I can to take advantage of it.

Thanks for the further reminder and the kick in the pants. Good stuff.
.-= Todd Bonner´s last blog ..toddbonner: What would you dare to attempt today if you KNEW you could not fail? Do that. =-.

Angie A. Swartz 09.10.09 at 7:58 pm

Hey Todd, Thanks for your comment. We’re glad you liked it and you can look forward to more. We think social media is one of the keys to turning around the economy so we’ll be searching for great case studies and writing about them whenever we can. Let us know if you find others…we’d love to put them up and credit you for referring the story 😉 Cheers to your social media success!

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