Trident Gum Combines Social Media with Traditional Media for Advertising Success

by Alan Underkofler on December 21, 2009

The recent full page color ad in USA Today shows a brilliant example of using New Media i.e. Social Media, specificallytridentlayers Twitter and Traditional Media i.e. advertising in the USA Today.  Trident Gum is doing what many brands are implementing with TV advertising, pulling viewers or in this case readers into different media outlets by cross promoting them in advertising.

When working with our Social Media Marketing clients at Square Martini Media we often discuss all current advertising methods and create ways to pull them together.  By linking different audiences or fans across multiple media platforms you create a synergy in your marketing efforts and increase the overall impact.   This is a major part in our clients marketing and Social Media strategy and should be included in yours.

You can learn more about the Trident Ad and how they showed testimonials from Twitter by reading: Trident Gum Turns Fan Tweets into Full-Page USA Today Ad, written by Jennifer Van Grove.  Learn more about Tridents Layers and what all the fuss is about by reading Trident Green Apple Golden Pineapple Layers Gum or just pick up a pack the next time you are checking out of the grocery store.

The question you should be asking yourself is how you or your company can leverage your Social Media marketing efforts with the traditional advertising you are currently doing?

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Suzanne Vara 12.23.09 at 6:51 pm


While I applaud Trident for bring social media to trad adv, as it needed to be done by a big brand, I really think that they missed the boat. They started their Twitter in Nov 2009 and ran the ad in Dec with under 200 followers. It is not about how many followers but they appear to have made zero effort to engage the community whatsoever. Their tweets are almost the same over and over. I would expect more from a big brand that took out a FP ad in USA Today.

I think if they were going to take the plunge as try and be a leader, they needed to know bit more about engaging online and spend more time on twitter to get a better feel for it before the ad ran. Had they done that, almost every SM blogger would have been singing their praise and the exposure would have been incredible.

Applause on running the ad bridging the gap between SM and trad adv but failure in execution.

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