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So, what does an April Fool’s Martini (see recipe below) have to do with your social media strategy?
Well, thatapril fools depends on how you use it.  But, if you read our Candy Cane Martini Post in December, we got you started.  Periodically, we’ll offer you additional martini recipes to help you stop, take a pause and measure your social media campaigns.  Measure? Yes, measure.  We mean estimate the ROI and effectiveness of your social media strategies.


Twitter For Business Case Study: The Coffee Groundz

by Alan Underkofler on October 27, 2009

Square Martini Media is committed to sharing Social Media success stories to provide insight on what Social Media can do for your business.  Today we will discuss the Social Media strategy for The Coffee Groundz a small business in Houston, TX.

The Coffee Groundz Background
coffee_groundz_logoCoffee Groundz is not your typical coffee shop!  It was started to fill a niche; serve great coffee and tea, cold beverages, and spirits!  Coffee Groundz also provides free wifi and is work friendly with outlets and at every seat as well as outside on the patio.  Sounds like a great place to visit!


Make A Positive Impact On Our Changing Climate

by Alan Underkofler on October 15, 2009

What are you doing to make a positive difference to our climate?  Do you carpool, recycle, drive a hybrid, or simply remember to turn off the lights when you leave a room?  It all makes a difference!

Today is the third annual Blog Action Day where over 10,000 blogs and online media outlets are focusing on one issue that effects us all… climate change.  At Square Martini Media we decided to focus on one of our key missions: hiring remote workers.  Take a look at the below video and learn what Square Martini Media is doing to make a difference:


Where were you eight years ago when you heard that planes were flying into the World Trade Center? It’s a day that most of us will never forget.  We hope that you will take a minute and remember the people affected by the events of September 11, 2001 and also all the good things  in your life today.

On Wednesday September 9, Twitter Talk Radio was devoted to folks doing great things to give back to the world.  community-peope-holding-handsGlobal Patriot, Mark Lovett, and Scot Chisholm, CEO of Stay Classy, and Host of Twestival San Diego join host Angie A. Swartz and Guest Co-Host Alan Underkofler, this week on Twitter Talk Radio.    Twitter Talk Radio is recorded live in the WSRadio studios in sunny San Diego!

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Tweet.Meet.Give:Twestival San Diego 2009

by olive on September 7, 2009

One of the great things about working as a Social Media Strategist in the Social Media San Diego Scene is the “SOCIAL” part! We’ll be working hard all day serving our clients, but we won’t be missing this event!  Last year, Twestival raised over $250,000 for clean drinking water in over 200 cities around the globe.  How can you pass up the opportunity to be involved with something so spectacular and for such a great social causes?


On July 15, CNN iReporter Chris Morrow visited the Cool Twitter Conference at Croces in San Diego where I was speaking. (The conference was terrific. Read Marketing Melodie’s Live Blogging coverage for more info.)

Reporter Chris Morrow came to ask a few of the Speakers their thoughts about what the future holds for Twitter.  Watch the report above and see what you think.

Now that you’ve watched the video and heard from us, what do YOU think the future will hold for Twitter?

  • Will Twitter live to be older than the average age of most social networks of 5 years? (Twitter is 3 years old now)