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So, what does a Mother’s Day Martini (see recipe below) have to do with your social media strategy? Well, that depends on how you use it.  But, if you read our Candy Cane Martini Post  or the April Fool’s Martini Post you will know where we are heading!

A big part in making the perfect martini is about taking the time to measure!  Too much Vodka or Gin to the wrong martini lover can send someone over the edge.  And guess what?  A big part in desigPink-Martinining the perfect Social Media Strategy is about measuring!

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Elizabeth Beskin and Maya Kalman joined host Angie Swartz on Twitter Talk Radio.  This interview is packed full of information from these wedding industry influencers.

Twitter Names:   @elizbeskin, @mayakalman, @ultimateengage @AngieSwartz.

Twitter Talk Radio is recorded live in the WSRadio studios in sunny San Diego! You can listen to the podcast by clicking on the links below and sign up for our RSS feed at the bottom of the page.

Each week on Twitter Talk Radio, we spend an hour broken up into four segments when we cover:

  • Two Guests Offering Great Case Studies and Examples of How People and Businesses are Using Twitter for Business and Social Media

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So, what does an April Fool’s Martini (see recipe below) have to do with your social media strategy?
Well, thatapril fools depends on how you use it.  But, if you read our Candy Cane Martini Post in December, we got you started.  Periodically, we’ll offer you additional martini recipes to help you stop, take a pause and measure your social media campaigns.  Measure? Yes, measure.  We mean estimate the ROI and effectiveness of your social media strategies.


I am constantly asked how I use Linkedin to grow my business.  For a lot of businesses and professionals Linkedin is a mystery.  Often times when we speak on using Social Media to grow your business we will ask by show of hands “who has a Linkedin account?”.  Typically most of the room will raise their hand.  Of course when we follow up with “who has received businesses or referrals from Linkedin?” or “who knows how to use Linkedin for their business?” only one or two hands will remain!

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7 Steps to Creating A Great Linkedin Profile

by Alan Underkofler on March 5, 2010

Linkedin gives you the ability to control your online identity.  Have you Googled yourself lately?  What comes up for you?  It is all positive?  Maybe a few negatives?  Or worse does nothing come up at all?  Linkedin profiles quickly rise to linkedin_logothe top of search results letting you control what people see about you and your company online.  Let me say this in another way…  You are in complete control of what people see about you on your Linkedin profile therefore you are in complete control on what people read about you online!  You must take advantage and leverage this!


Have you ever wanted to add a follow me on twitter badge or box on your facebook profile?  For many facebook users follow-me-on-twitter-badgethe idea of having a twitter badge is enticing but the steps to do it can be a bit confusing.   To make it easy for you I have listed 7 simple steps to add a follow me on twitter badge or box on your facebook profile below.

  1. Log on to facebook


The Four Stages to Twitter Relationships

by Alan Underkofler on January 8, 2010

It might be hard to believe but many business owners still have the impression twitter is just a waste of time.  They truly don’t understand how using twitter will have a positive impact on their business.  So the question you may be asking yourself is, how you start attracting new customers and prospects from twitter?  The answer is my building relationships!  It all starts with building relationships and on twitter there are a few different stages.


CandyCaneMartiniSo, what does a Candy Cane Martini (see recipe below) have to do with your social media strategy?  Well, that depends on how you use it.  But, if you plan well, it could play at least a little role in your social media impact for the holiday season.

Every time you get together with a friend, business partner, customer, or prospect this holiday season, think about how you might use social media to let them know you felt extra special about the time they chose to spend with you.  Can you?

  • Photograph them with you and your festive Candy Cane Martini then:
    • Tweet it (via Tweetphoto)?

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Is Social Media a FAD?

Well, maybe it is for you…. If you live under a rock or on a mountain top where there’s no possiblity of ever getting internet or wireless phone signal.

But, if you are one of those businesses out there wavering on whether or not it’s time yet to stick your toe in the social media waters, you might want to watch this video. Yes, it could be a publicity stunt but even if it is. The groom, Dana Hanna, took time out from his wedding day to update his facebook and twitter statuses.


What Happens When Companies Block Social Media Sites?

by Angie A. Swartz on November 10, 2009

Over 50% of Companies are blocking social media sites from their employees in the workplace.  Some reports say this statistic is as high as 85% indicating that only 15% of companies allow employees to freely use social media sites during working hours.  Are these companies demonstrating smart social media strategy or is this statistic an indicator that companies really have no social media strategies aligned to their core business goals? Are these companies in a reactionary mode to new technological trends they don’t yet understand?