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Mari Smith on Twitter Talk Radio

by olive on December 7, 2009

Mari Smith, The Pied Piper of Facebook, joined host Angie A. Swartz on Twitter Talk Radio on September 2, 2009.  This interview is filled with so much great information, we just couldn’t resist going back and writing about it!

Twitter Talk Radio is recorded live in the WSRadio studios in sunny San Diego! You can listen to the podcast by clicking on the links below and sign up for our RSS feed at the bottom of the page.   marismith Mari Smith on Twitter Talk Radio

Twitter Names:   @MariSmith, @Aaswartz.

Each week on Twitter Talk Radio, we spend an hour broken up into four segments when we cover:


MC Hammer understands Social Media Strategy. I wasn’t sure what to expect from MC Hammer but I can say uncategorically that my expectations were blown out of the water by this business mogul.  MC Hammer not only wowed the room with his charm and charisma but he blew it out of the water with his knowledge of business and social

Angie Swartz, MC Hammer and Bob Fine

Angie Swartz, MC Hammer and Bob Fine

media strategy.  Just before his presentation, MC Hammer tweeted that he always gets ready for a performance or presentation by listening to the following song.  He did, in fact, have his headset on.


angie swartz gary vaynerchuk mc hammer ramon deleon 300x186 Gary Vaynerchuk Speaks at Gravity Summit on Gaining Management’s Buy In for Social Media Strategies

I attended Gravity Summit at Harvard University on August 31.   Thanks to Rodney Rumford and Beverly Macy for another terrific multimedia learning experience! This was the 3rd Gravity Summit I’ve attended and they just keep getting better every time! I promise to write another post covering the entire event in detail but I just had to write my first post about one of my all time favorites, Gary Vaynerchuk, who shared the Keynote stage with MC Hammer (yes, THAT MC Hammer! Mr. “Can’t Touch This” Himself).