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Ahhh… Finally!! Labor Day is almost here.  Time to start planning for a long weekend to say goodbye to another great summer.

You’ve been working hard so prepare for a relaxing break but before you go plop down in your lawn chair, there are some things you’ll need: sunglasses, flip-flops, and a Hawaiian Martini. We can’t all go to Hawaii on our holiday but we sure can treat our taste buds to an exotic drink. Sip that fruity, fun drink and mull over the things that make your vacation day perfect.  What words would you use to describe that luscious holiday?


Remember eating sweet, refreshing watermelon on those hot summer nights as a child?  The juice would drip down your chin and you’d suck out last drops from the white red white blue social media martiniand green rind. Maybe you ate that watermelon slice under the 4th of July fireworks.  Have you ever thought as you watched those bits of fire explode across the sky, how lucky you were to be eating that watermelon tasting of the succulent freedom that is the United States?  The Revolution that is celebrated on the 4th of July brought us all these sweet memories and an impressive nation that grew from tiny colonies.  Now that your tastes have matured into the ambitious adult that you are, consider taking on more mature tastes this 4th of July with our highly recommended watermelon martini; it’s full of that same sweet pink fruit juice that you remember but adds a little kick to your taste buds.

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So, what does a Mother’s Day Martini (see recipe below) have to do with your social media strategy? Well, that depends on how you use it.  But, if you read our Candy Cane Martini Post  or the April Fool’s Martini Post you will know where we are heading!

A big part in making the perfect martini is about taking the time to measure!  Too much Vodka or Gin to the wrong martini lover can send someone over the edge.  And guess what?  A big part in desigPink Martini Boosting your Social Media Strategy (and MOMs spirits) with a Mothers Day Martini!ning the perfect Social Media Strategy is about measuring!

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