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CleanWatervsDirtySupporting  clean water is one of the first policies we established at Square Martini Media.   So we couldn’t be happier that Blog Action Day 2010 is devoted to WATER and about our news with San Diego’s own GiveCleanWater.

The following is an excerpt from The Blog Action Day site:

“Right now, almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. That’s one in eight of us.

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Where were you eight years ago when you heard that planes were flying into the World Trade Center? It’s a day that most of us will never forget.  We hope that you will take a minute and remember the people affected by the events of September 11, 2001 and also all the good things  in your life today.

On Wednesday September 9, Twitter Talk Radio was devoted to folks doing great things to give back to the world.  community-peope-holding-handsGlobal Patriot, Mark Lovett, and Scot Chisholm, CEO of Stay Classy, and Host of Twestival San Diego join host Angie A. Swartz and Guest Co-Host Alan Underkofler, this week on Twitter Talk Radio.    Twitter Talk Radio is recorded live in the WSRadio studios in sunny San Diego!

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