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Bob Fine

MC Hammer understands Social Media Strategy. I wasn’t sure what to expect from MC Hammer but I can say uncategorically that my expectations were blown out of the water by this business mogul.  MC Hammer not only wowed the room with his charm and charisma but he blew it out of the water with his knowledge of business and social

Angie Swartz, MC Hammer and Bob Fine

Angie Swartz, MC Hammer and Bob Fine

media strategy.  Just before his presentation, MC Hammer tweeted that he always gets ready for a performance or presentation by listening to the following song.  He did, in fact, have his headset on.


On July 15, CNN iReporter Chris Morrow visited the Cool Twitter Conference at Croces in San Diego where I was speaking. (The conference was terrific. Read Marketing Melodie’s Live Blogging coverage for more info.)

Reporter Chris Morrow came to ask a few of the Speakers their thoughts about what the future holds for Twitter.  Watch the report above and see what you think.

Now that you’ve watched the video and heard from us, what do YOU think the future will hold for Twitter?

  • Will Twitter live to be older than the average age of most social networks of 5 years? (Twitter is 3 years old now)