How Do You Use Twitter for Business?

by Lemon Drop on August 13, 2010

You should be using Twitter for your business! As we have said again and again with enthusiasm, Twitter is a very valuable social media tool for business! It is second in searches to Google, SECOND! With over 22 billion searches, you can be assured many are business related. So the question to ask yourself is where are you, your company and maybe more important where are your competitors showing up in all of these Twitter searches?

Watch the latest video of “The Social Media Minute” to learn how to use Twitter for your business:

Here are a few of the take away points from the video:

  1. Get a Twitter account
  2. Learn from Twitter success stories
  3. Read the two books recommended in the video

If you understand how to use Twitter, the process is easy, enjoyable, and highly beneficial for your business.  If you want additional help with learning how to use Twitter for your business you might enjoy our Audio Guide How To Make More Money Using Twitter in Your Business or join us for an upcoming Twitter webinar Using Twitter to Grow Your Business.

Make sure to follow @AngieSwartz and @SquareMartini on Twitter for additional Twitter tips and resources.

I hope you enjoyed the Social Media Minute and I look forward to your thoughts and comments.  Please subscribe to the Square Martini Media YouTube channel and if you have a question you would like covered on the Social Media Minute, let us know by giving us your Social Media Minute Question.

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