Gary Vaynerchuk Speaks at Gravity Summit on Gaining Management’s Buy In for Social Media Strategies

by Angie A. Swartz on September 2, 2009


I attended Gravity Summit at Harvard University on August 31.   Thanks to Rodney Rumford and Beverly Macy for another terrific multimedia learning experience! This was the 3rd Gravity Summit I’ve attended and they just keep getting better every time! I promise to write another post covering the entire event in detail but I just had to write my first post about one of my all time favorites, Gary Vaynerchuk, who shared the Keynote stage with MC Hammer (yes, THAT MC Hammer! Mr. “Can’t Touch This” Himself).

In the short 30 minutes that Gary spoke, he covered social media strategy, passion & doing what you love, personal branding, the New York Jets (his goal is to buy them), the New York Jets Social Media Strategy (they are his client), his family (he has a new 3 month old daughter Misha), his new book “Crush It” (coming out in the fall), his business (Wine Library TV), business and how every entrepreneur deserves the right to hit bottom so they can have the opportunity to sell rocks.

If you haven’t ever heard Gary speak, you’re likely wondering how it is possible Gary covered all of these topics in such a short time.  Gary is passionate about everything he does.  He starts talking and leadership and business principles start spewing out like he’s a machine.

Gary focused on the importance of gaining buy in from the top decision makers when implementing a Social Media Strategy.  He always gets straight to the point,

“You can’t do social media ½ pregnant.  You’ve got to reach the CEO and keep talking about the importance of social media until they hear you. So yap and yap and yap until they fire you.”

Brilliant. Poignant. Well said. Tweetable.

I think what he meant was if management isn’t listening and they never hear what you’re saying about:

  • The importance of social media,
  • How effective social media is,
  • How old media and marketing methods are no longer as effective as they used to be

Then you might as well just walk out the door, because:

  • They aren’t going to support you theoretically,
  • They aren’t going to give you the financial budgets, and;
  • The support from their staffs

That you need for your social media campaigns to be successful anyway.

So, why am I choosing to write a post about this?  For those of you business owners who are thinking about whether you should stick your toe in the water and work on a Social Media Strategy, there’s a message here for you.  Don’t do it until you’ve done some homework.  There is so much information available on the web about social media.  After all, most good social media companies should be using social media strategies for their own businesses.  Thus, they should be sharing information on social media sites.  If you can’t find answers, contact us and we’ll be happy to talk to you about whether social media is right for you.

I’ve met Gary in person and listened to him speak via livecast many times.  It’s quotes like the one above that keep me coming back.  Additionally, Gary keeps me thinking long after we’ve parted company.  I love that about him.  His ability to keep my creative energy moving is a true talent.  It’s a great honor to host Gary on both Boost Your Business Radio and Twitter Talk Radio shows on October 14 so tune in to hear him!

A little  more on selling rocks…

Yes, Gary said “I’ll sell Rocks to make a comeback if I lose everything I have taking time out to be with my wife and my baby girl.”  I’m sure it isn’t Gary’s wishes to lose everything he has.  However, he was making a point that balance and his family are uber important to him.  He was talking about being a guy who’s super focused on what he does at every minute.  If he’s gotta wait 45 minutes to see his daughter smile-so be it.

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