Social Media Tip: Use Facebook Pages for Business

by Green Apple on September 14, 2010

Think you know everything there is to know about Facebook? Maybe you do! But did you know this social media tip?

A person can have only one personal Facebook account but unlimited business pages?

LIke us on FBFacebook regulations require that each person have only one account that is listed in a personal name (not in the name of a business).  However, you can add Facebook “pages” for most businesses in addition to your personal page.  A facebook page functions much like your personal page.

Facebook calls this feature “pages”.

This feature is listed under “Advertising” at the bottom of all Facebook pages.


We know you’ve seen lots of Facebook pages and “Like” buttons everywhere.  However, do you continue to see friend requests from businesses?  We do!  Those businesses that choose to use personal profiles versus business “pages” in facebook sacrifice many business benefits which facebook has built for businesses.  One of the biggest benefits is the ability to send an update to all of your fans/likers.

What are some of your favorite Facebook pages?  Have you visited our Square Martini page yet?  Join our conversation today and tell us your feedback!

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