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I just finished speaking at San Diego Social Media Breakfast.  San Diego Social Media Breakfast meets every month to bring together the Social Media community to talk about social media strategy, case studies, best practices, and to network.

San_Diego_Social_Media_Breakfast_laptopI spoke today about Boost Your Business Radio, Twitter Talk Radio, launching Blog World Radio last week at Blog World Expo, and using Twitter Talk Radio to learn from companies about social media strategy.  I chose to speak about doing radio as part of Square Martini Media’s business strategy.

I discussed the reasons I do Twitter Talk Radio:

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Make A Positive Impact On Our Changing Climate

by Alan Underkofler on October 15, 2009

What are you doing to make a positive difference to our climate?  Do you carpool, recycle, drive a hybrid, or simply remember to turn off the lights when you leave a room?  It all makes a difference!

Today is the third annual Blog Action Day where over 10,000 blogs and online media outlets are focusing on one issue that effects us all… climate change.  At Square Martini Media we decided to focus on one of our key missions: hiring remote workers.  Take a look at the below video and learn what Square Martini Media is doing to make a difference:


BlogWorld on Boost Your Business Radio

by olive on October 14, 2009

This week, Las Vegas is going to be inundated with bloggers as Blog World Expo kicks off October 15 -17th (You are going, right?!)  If you have not registered for Blog World it’s not too late!  Go to Blog World Expo and use the coupon code “PB20” to save 20%!  The force behind Blog World Expo, Rick Calvert and Jim Turner, joined  hosts Angie A. Swartz and Rieva Lesonsky on Boost Your Business Radio.

blogworldTwitter names: @BlogWorld, @Genuine, @Rieva and @aaswartz

You can listen to the Boost Your Business Radio Show on Blogworld below:

podcast icon blue Denise Wakeman of The Blog Squad on Twitter Talk Radio August 12, 2009Podcast One:  Blog World Expo


I’m not kidding…blog-world-new-media-expo-2009-las-vegas

I don’t work for Blog World Expo

It really did….

And if you are a business owner who wants to learn more about Social Media and you’ve been looking for a one-stop learning experience where you can immerse yourself in an environment and really understand what the Social Media industry is all about, well folks, this is the one.  Not to mention you get the bonus opportunity to learn all about podcasting because Blog World Expo merged with New Media Expo this year too (the premier conference for podcasters).

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I attended Gravity Summit at Harvard University on August 31.   Thanks to Rodney Rumford and Beverly Macy for another terrific multimedia learning experience! This was the 3rd Gravity Summit I’ve attended and they just keep getting better every time! I promise to write another post covering the entire event in detail but I just had to write my first post about one of my all time favorites, Gary Vaynerchuk, who shared the Keynote stage with MC Hammer (yes, THAT MC Hammer! Mr. “Can’t Touch This” Himself).


On July 15, CNN iReporter Chris Morrow visited the Cool Twitter Conference at Croces in San Diego where I was speaking. (The conference was terrific. Read Marketing Melodie’s Live Blogging coverage for more info.)

Reporter Chris Morrow came to ask a few of the Speakers their thoughts about what the future holds for Twitter.  Watch the report above and see what you think.

Now that you’ve watched the video and heard from us, what do YOU think the future will hold for Twitter?

  • Will Twitter live to be older than the average age of most social networks of 5 years? (Twitter is 3 years old now)


gravitysummitpanelflatSquare Marini Media Co-Founder Angie Swartz will be moderating an impressive social media panel at Gravity Summit held at University California Irvine June 22, 2009.  Panelists include Lauren Kozak, Social Media Manager for Britney Spears, Scott Gulbransen, Social Media Manager for Intuit, Karen Sohl, Director Worldwide Corporate Marketing for Cisco Systems, and Steve Patrizi, VP Sales and Marketing for LinkedIn.

The Panel topic: Building and Managing Successful Online Communities is sure to be one of the highlights of Gravity Summit.  The importance of building successful and engaging online communities for brand awareness, revenue generation, and customer experience is becoming an increasingly important marketing and public relations tool.  All of the panelists are pioneers in building online communities and will share their real world experiences with us at Gravity Summit.

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