3 Steps to Take the Scare Out of Social Media For Your Business

by Alan Underkofler on October 26, 2010

Is social media a trick or a treat for your business?  Many business owners are still unsure about how to approach rss-pumpkin-300x225social media for their business.  Here are three steps to take before engaging in social media for your business:

Step 1 – Define why you think social media will work for your business and what you are going to use social media for.  Are you trying to create sales, leads, brand awareness, or customer engagement?  You must know what you want before you begin.

Step 2 – Commit to the process.  Social media is a community.  Too many companies use it as a broadcasting tool and think they are using social media.  This is like placing a bowl of candy at your front door on Halloween with a note that says “please take one”.  Sure a few kids may take one and be perfectly happy but eventually someone will empty the entire bowl into their bag and the other kids are left with nothing but a note.  This result closely resembles many business Facebook pages and blogs- a great start yet no commitment to continue the process.

Step 3 – Seek out help from a credible social media firm to create your social media strategy.  Yes, you can do social media on your own by having an intern or someone with no business experience set up your Facebook page, Twitter profile, and LinkedIn account.  But this is not a social media strategy and in the end can create a PR and branding disaster that resembles the graveyard scene from your local haunted house.

Using social media in your business is no trick and the rewards for your business can bring you treats for years to come.  I encourage you to think about how you are approaching social media in your business and don’t be scared to contact us at Square Martini Media to help!

Square Martini Media is a San Diego based Social Media firm which specializes in working with both local and national small to midsized business who what to implement social media strategies to attract new customers to their business.

Photo Credit: Jeff Siarto

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