Ten Easy Tips for Finding Time for Social Media Marketing

by Angie A. Swartz on October 7, 2010

I recently read an inspiring article by a fabulous writer in which he talked about being a writer.  He said things like , “I’m a Writer.  Therefore, I write.  I’m devoted to writing everyday. I find times during the day to sneak in writing.”

time100710If you are a business owner, can you think along the same line with your social media strategy? “I’m a business owner, therefore I market…”  Can you sneak in times during the day to market your business?  I bet you do already.  If you don’t, I’m sure you could. You could even have a little fun with it if you wanted to turn it into a little challenge for yourself.  Or, even better, pick a social media marketing buddy and create a challenge with them.  Have your buddy text you everyday with the number of new business connections they’ve engaged via a social media channel (notice I didn’t say new friends they’ve added but actual engagements meaning someone they’ve actually had a conversation with because that’s when the magic starts happening).

Here’s my list of Ten Easy Tips for Finding Time for Social Media Marketing during your day to get you started:

  1. During a Coffee Break
  2. While Waiting for a Meeting to Start
  3. Scheduling 15-30 Minutes at the End of Every Day
  4. When You Can’t Sleep
  5. When You’re Stuck on Solving Another Problem (Give Your Mind a Break and Market)
  6. In a Taxi, on the Bus, in the Train or on an Airplane
  7. Anytime You Are Following Up from an Event (A Conference, Association Meeting, Networking Event)
  8. While Your Children are Doing Anything That Takes Too Long
  9. While Stuck in Traffic
  10. Waiting in Any Line

Let me know which ones you use or try out.  I’m also interested in hearing your other ideas or what you use to find time in your day.  After all, that’s what we all seem to have less and want more of these days.

By the way, the writer I mention in the beginning is our friend Chris Brogan.  His post also talks about how being a writer requires confidence, discipline, a fall-forward mentality and other great things that also apply to being a business owner.  It’s a great read if you are looking for inspiration in your business.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Contact us if we can help.

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John Rothstein 10.12.10 at 8:17 pm

Nice Angie!

Now that I have my iPad I can add a few other places and times too 😉

.-= John Rothstein´s last blog ..iZigg When You Zagg – A Success Philosophy =-.

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