10 Easy Ways to Grow Your Facebook Friends

by Alan Underkofler on October 12, 2010

Ask us your social media marketing question …  Free!  Have you noticed the box to the right of this page?  What is your social media question that you would like us to answer?  Last week someone asked how to grow their Facebook friends?

10 easy ways to grow your Facebook friends:

  1. facebook friends boxUse the Facebook tools!  When you first log into Facebook scroll down and look for the Get Connected section on the right.  From here you can find your friends using Gmail, Skype, Yahoo, AOL, and more.  This is a fast and easy way to grow your friends on Facebook.
  2. Add a Facebook link or button to your email signature
  3. Make a habit to send follow up emails asking to connect on Facebook after meeting someone new.
  4. Add a Facebook link to your business card
  5. Review the friends of your current Facebook friends and see who you know and connect with them.
  6. Add your Facebook link to your website, blog, and contact page
  7. Do you use Twitter?  Tweet to your followers asking them to connect with you on Facebook.
  8. Review the friends your current Facebook friends are suggesting to you.  Many times you will know these people and if not it’s a good opportunity to meet someone new.
  9. Look at all those photos!  3 billion photos are uploaded to Facebook every month and many of your current Facebook friends upload photos.   Take a moment to review a few photos from your friends and if they are tagged you can easily send friend requests to those you may know.
  10. Check out Xobni – Xobni is add on program for Outlook that gives you great email tools and shows you the social network links for each contact.

Are you using any of these methods now to grow your Facebook friends?  Do you have another suggestion to add to the list?  Don’t keep it a secret!  Make sure to take a moment, leave a comment, and share it with all of us!  Remember to also become a friend of Square Martini Media by liking us on Facebook!

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Global Patriot 10.13.10 at 5:33 am

Great tips Alan, especially using the ‘friends of friends’ tactic, as I often see old friends who are new to Facebook and are just beginning to expand their network.
.-= Global Patriot´s last blog ..Afriversity Is Training Entrepreneurs In Africa =-.

Alan Underkofler 10.14.10 at 8:27 am

Thank you Mark (Global Patriot)! Do you have any recommendations for growing your Facebook friends that you can share with us?

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